Wednesday, July 04, 2007


I guess I must be bored at the moment as my mind is spending too much time on a particular subject: Watches!

Having been given a reasonable bonus for my fine efforts at work during the last year, I decided that I deserved a new watch of some sort. My first thought was the Tissot Touch that I have been lusting after for a long time, but I quickly realised that this is a bit out of my self imposed price range (I only really want the titanium one with the orange strap).

Then I considered the functions that I attract me to this watch and decided that a more utilitarian model could also satisfy my cravings and Hey Presto, the solution came immediately to mind

The Suunto Vector.

I have wanted one of these since I lived in the Alpes and developed a little slight obsession with altitude. Now our impending trip to Colorado seems like an idea opportunity to get myself initiated into the altimeter/digital compass club. They come in a lot of colours, but I have taken rather a liking to the lime one.

There are some pretty good deals available on the internet, I am not decided yet whether to order on-line or wait until I am in Boulder to try some in person before "pulling the trigger" as they say in the wild west shopping malls


  1. You don't get the money until September, so you can spend them in Boulder - at Christmas!
    The Wife

  2. If the rest is being spent on the kitchen, then I can have the watch (now). Anyway, it comes in August!

  3. Anonymous8:52 pm

    just how many wrist adornments can a cyclist wear without endangering their performance. Very shortly you'll have more watches than ratners had ,but not crap ones.If you fastened a sundial to the handlebars it might do all the jobs at once.