Saturday, May 26, 2007

rain rain go away

Please. The gardening plans for the weekend look somewhat scuppered as it is raining and looks set for the foreseeable future. Perhaps the only solution now is to go to the bike shop and stock up on goodies for the 24 hour races before heading out for a ride this afternoon...
I need:

Tubes, lube, energy food, maybe some new gloves, a new helmet (the old one is cracked, but I don't really want to shell out for a new one) a puncture repair kit, some bike wash, bum cream and maybe some other bits and pieces...


  1. Anonymous12:02 am

    Who needs sunshine when you have grandma & great aunt Jen arriving on Sunday lunchtime!
    Jessie & aj both soundly asleep, having been fed & watered.
    P & A out on the tiles.
    Jessie's been a poppet, walked to the reservoir to feed the ducks, along with a pair of swans with 3 cygnets, very small & fluffy.
    And so to bed....

  2. Anonymous12:05 am

    PS. Do you want me to bring some sudocreme?

  3. Anonymous3:51 pm

    I never heard of the bum cream!
    Would it get me up the mountain quicker?
    Jessies, Poppets, Poppys! - did GCN retire yet? already going soft!
    I am emptying boxes - too busy for blogging

  4. Anonymous8:47 pm

    It has not stopped raining all day here either. So I had a whole day indoors with Tim and KP, and we made a pretend car at the top of the stairs, with a cardboard steering wheel, pillows for seats and a gearstick made from a box of shreddies and an old toilet roll. KP didn't appreciate her day sitting as Tim's passenger at the top of the stairs very much, she cried a lot.
    I think I deserve glass of wine now, it has been exhausting!


  5. Bum cream, is for the chamois is the shorts, it lubricates it and stops too much chafing. It isn't too important for short rides, but if you're riding for more than an hour or two then it helps a lot. There is some refered to as minty arse gell, but I've neither seen nor tried that one!

  6. Anonymous8:40 pm

    "minty arse gel"
    I reckon that a dollop of Johnson's baby lotion would be just as good - marinade with mint if deemed necessary.
    GCN has 7 very busy weeks to go after this holiday week.
    She has not "gone soft"
    Grandchildren are perfect & live up to these expectations.
    J has remembered us!