Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Bikes for little boys

Last week I noticed an advert in a newspaper for a kids bike (I only look at the pictures so the advertisements are often some of the most interesting things in the paper). It is a BMW and rather smart as you can use it with or without pedals and chain. This means that is is a push bike

and a normal bike later in life.

Cool. Unfortunately it is not made of titanium, but it does have compartments for putting things in.

The main problem is that it is a BMW and therefore rather pricey. This one is however made of titanium and is hence even more expensive, but very cool for dads...


  1. The blue one is definitely the most cool, no doubt! Design and functionality (compartment for putting things in and "grow with your bike" feature) must surely make it up for the non-titanium disadvantage! Every kid's dream! But where to put the stick at the back to use when learning to bike? Or "supporting wheels" or whatever they are called? But of course J, being born into a cyclist family, must have supernatural cycling skills... (or he will get it!)

    K (bored in Jutland)

  2. Anonymous11:04 pm

    I love the litespeed and the blue one!
    Since Moots don't make a childs bike unless for a custom order.
    He needs both. The three wheeler to learn about pedalling and the advantages of titanium - and the blue one to learn about balance.
    I will look into prices here!

  3. Anonymous11:14 pm

    We have one - a training bike, no pedals, so you just walk it along & learn to balance.
    Absolutely foolproof - you keep your feet on the ground. Tim fell off it at Christmas, in the kitchen. We still haven't worked out how.
    I think that it's a WBM, made of alloy (of iron)
    Isn't the other one a tricycle?
    These are ridden by toddlers & very old men.

  4. Anonymous11:50 pm

    WOW!! $850! for the Litespeed!
    you can get a new men's racer - Litespeed titanium with Dura Ace group for around 42k here!

  5. Anonymous11:54 pm

    Blue one is $275 on ebay - it would match daddies new mountain bike.

  6. Anonymous8:46 pm

    There's nothing new under the sun. I had a bicycle like this as a child,but it shook my bones. I had just fallen off it and was sitting under a tree when an apple fell on my head .Sod's law.

  7. Anonymous3:47 pm

    Later known as "Newton's Law" I believe.
    I always thought that this was a fable.
    Thanks for clearing that up, Isaac.