Wednesday, May 02, 2007


I have been trying to think of something interesting and I can't, I suppose I am simply not an interesting person at the moment.

We are hoping to have a test camping weekend in a couple of weeks as we have a long (4 day) weekend to use up somehow. The plan is to head to Sweden for the test.
We bought a tent in Wales like this:

It is a 6 person mammoth with 2 sleeping compartments so that J can have his own room and it is high enough in the middle to stand! We have sourced tables, chairs and stoves to borrow and we are more or less fully equipped.

Now we have to decide on a destination and plan for the inevitable bad weather...


  1. Anonymous4:52 pm

    I have a sauced table too

  2. Karen5:01 pm

    We have lots of very useful camping gear for bad weather camping such as a foldable saw, a 10 l. water container, water-proof sacks, lamps to put on your head (good for nightly adventures out of the tent) and not least the indispensable Irish "Kelly-the-Kettle" for boiling water in rain and storm...And no, it hasn't been used much so far, but one should always be prepared! Just come by and see what you need :-)

  3. Bollocks to the comment from Karen above. All the camping equipment we have have been used at several occasions – it just because Karen has not been on our angling weekends. There all the gear come in handy – especially Kelly Kettle.

  4. Anonymous6:51 pm

    Has Lars used the first rude word on your blog?

  5. Congratulations Lars on an excellent grasp of the use of the word bollocks, a personal favorite of mine and used perfectly. 10/10

  6. Anonymous10:45 pm

    Lars, Define 'Several.' It has some letters in common with the word seven, but it may mean perhaps twice?

  7. Anonymous5:55 pm

    I think that this is all a load of "bollocks", but am much too polite to say so.
    Men ALWAYS exaggerate.
    Several: an indefinite number, more than two, but not many. OED.
    Congratulations to Karen for having better things to do than terrorise pisces, presumably wearing a waterproof sack & headlamp.
    Are the sacks slugproof?
    Jen suggests that the tent looks like a giant blue slug.
    The horror of being mounted by a second rampant giant swedish blue slug whilst camping in a damp
    area defies description.
    Are you sure about this holiday, K?