Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Book ideas

Well the title says it all really, I have suddenly got loads of things to do at work (there is always a lot to do at home). Then obvious thing to do in that situation is to write a blog entry!
I get the feeling that my readership is gradually coming back after my Easter break so I really must think of something interesting to write at some point.
On Thursday I am going to Switzerland for the day and Friday is a bank holiday here so I guess I have to get as much done as possible in the next 48 hours.

In the meantime, I thought I would share my idea for a book (I have one every couple of months, but of course never do anything about it). This one is as usual cycling related, I thought it may be fun to try and ride all of the sportif (amateur non-race versions) of all of the Spring classic bike races in one season just before the pros do them and deal with the inevitable nightmare logistical and physical problems of doing it. I think it would require quite a lot of planning and frankly that will be the end of the idea. The advantage of the idea being killed off in that manner is that I never have to get to the point of realising that I have absolutely no talent for writing...


  1. Anonymous9:18 pm

    Have you written the interesting stuff in code and hidden it in this post somewhere?

  2. Anonymous10:17 pm

    How about a blockbuster to compete with Dan Brown? You need no writing talent, just a good story pinched from an academic.
    I keep thinking that I will write a book when I have the time, then realise that I have no talent.
    I hope that retirement isn't just about having the time to find how mediocre you really are.
    I'll check my lottery numbers - at least I could endure mediocrity in comfort.......& shop!

  3. There is no interesting stuff in this post, that is the problem

  4. Anonymous11:51 pm

    If stuck for subject matter you could always ponder how to write an interesting blog about family, cycling etc..