Monday, January 27, 2014

Winter has arrived

It's been below freezing since last Thursday and there is an icy wind blowing snow around all over the place at the moment.

The kids had friends over to visit yesterday afternoon so I was very glad of the chance to rent a trailer and fetch a load of firewood. We were down to our last 3 logs anyway so there wouldn't have been much of a fire last night without and nothing left for today.

I dearly wanted to work from home today, but my conscience made me come to Copenhagen anyway despite the weather and a cough and MK going out early and everything. I suspect that I am some sort of hero!


  1. Anonymous12:52 am

    You are a hero!
    MK is a heroine for looking after a tribe of children whilst you collected sticks in the wood.
    I hope that your cough is improving.

  2. I collected the wood from a barn, but I am home sick today