Monday, January 13, 2014

Time to relax

We've been busy having fun all weekend. Friday night we had sushi and champagne to celebrate MK's birthday and then the rest of the weekend was spent preparing and recovering from the birthday party.
Saturday morning had the usual swimming and crossfit combo followed by heavy supermarket shopping and a bit of cooking from me before I took the kids to the summer house for the night.

MKs fondue party was apparently a big success with the last guests leaving at 2:30. I was amazed that they could stay up so late!

We got home around lunchtime on Sunday to find a sparkling clean house and a tired Mum. T&B came over for coffee and cake in the afternoon and everyone hit the sack early. I had unfortunately spent too long looking at a screen or had too much coffee earlier in the evening so I had terrible trouble falling asleep. Tonight I am avoiding screens and caffeine in an effort to finally get a REALLY good nights sleep.

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