Monday, January 20, 2014

Bags packed

My new suitcase is packed and waiting for me in the car boot whilst I am at work today. I'm off to Holland again this evening for a couple of days.

I spent the weekend getting over DK's cold so it was fairly lazy. We had friends for a dinner and sleepover on Saturday night which took a bit of preparation. I made a paloe-ish Moussaka with rice flour thickened sauce on top and then a cardamom rice pudding for desert. All good.

I went to crossfit on Sunday morning and did the workout in the second fastest time for everyone that day and then did 5 x 5 100kg deadlifts. I think my technique is getting better thanks to Lars as I don't really have back ache today, just slightly tired legs. I think I can easily add 10kg next time I do that set.

Tomorrow will be a hotel room workout in the Holiday Inn Express in Papendorp. Urgh.

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