Monday, November 26, 2012

Winter weekends

On Friday afternoon, Richard decided that the weather forecast for Sunday was too bad and that we should sail on Saturday morning instead. So instead of a Saturday afternoon at the summerhouse and a walk on the beach (whilst fetching my sailing gear) I had to get up early and spend 2 hours driving over to fetch my gear before driving back to the other side of Sjælland to sail.  

There wasn't much wind which was OK for me to be honest. I was worried about making a total idiot of myself in front of the 3 other guys (it was bad enough having to meet them with a moustache!). We headed out into the Øresund and sailed for a couple of hours doing upwind and downwind legs. I was just as fast as the other guys downwind but struggled a bit upwind as the boat seems to want to naturally point a bit too much into the wind.

I made progress to and as my tacking got better, I wasn't totally left behind. I was complimented on my boat speed, but it was noted that I had a just needed to learn to sail in the right direction! I really enjoyed being DEN18 for the day and am looking forward to more sailing in the future. MK is far from wild about the idea of me getting a boat (I think or at least hope that is because of the cost) but I'm afraid, I think I'm going to do it anyway. As the guy in the bike shop said - "buy her a bunch of flowers and she'll soon forget about what it cost".

What little of Saturday that was left when I got home, was spent cooking some delicious lamb neck fillets and relaxing.

Sunday was a relaxing day inside as it was cold, wet and windy outside. We cooked a very big pork roast in the afternoon for cousins Tim and Rich plus SOs Rachel and Emma. It was nice to see them and get cracking on our second case of GSM.

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  1. Anonymous12:53 am

    Was that "get crackling".
    Sounds delicious - good that you all got together.

    It should take more than a bunch of flowers after a new car vs the skiing??
    You jet stters!