Wednesday, November 07, 2012


Last year I lost weight pretty much all year by following a slow carbohydrate diet. As I learned more about nutrition and got a bit bored of eating beans all the time, I have gradually shifted to a paleo diet so that I don't really eat beans any more, but I have started to eat a bit of dairy and I gave up the gluttonous cheat days. The result has been a slow gain in weight again. Bummer.

I have decided to give up dairy for a month and see if it helps me to manage my waistline. I have been eating as much fermented stuff as possible as it should be easier to digest and over the last week, DK and I have been drinking unpasteurised milk as well. - DK loves it!

However, I guess I need to drop it and see if it helps with my weight management and then if that isn't doing the trick, I think I'll try being more strict on the daily diet and go back to having a pig out day each weekend.

Nutrition is really interesting stuff when you get into it and I am enjoying seeing how what I eat effects how I feel, I just wish there was a gradual improvement in my body composition instead of a gradual decline.

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