Monday, November 12, 2012

Skyfall, wind and cold

Skyfall was pretty good. MK loved it because it was more like an old fashioned Bond film. I thought it was a bit too much of a departure from the last 2 but still enjoyed it a lot.

We went to the sailing club on Saturday morning and spent some time talking to a nice guy who couldn't sail because he was injured.

Apparently it will be impossible to race with the other Finns without getting a new (used) mast and sail which would cost about 1/3 of the price of buying a second hand boat. That was, however his advice unless I want to dive in and get a boat.

MK and I talked about it for a while and I think the conclusion is that I will look into getting a newer used boat that is more sea worthy than the one I have at the moment which I fear will fall apart or sink when the going gets tough.

Now the tough part: finding a boat and finding some money.


  1. Anonymous8:24 am

    Ben Ainslie may have one he won't be using much now.

  2. His Finn is called Rita and is now in a museum in Falmouth apparently

  3. Anonymous11:26 pm

    Go ahead, I have a cheque for £48 from the sale of the barometer (sold in later sale for £60)