Thursday, October 11, 2012

Short on time and content

Life is quite busy at the moment, but most of the action is pretty mundane and not worth writing about here. We run backwards and forwards to school, work, football, gymnastics, guitar, music and other assorted meetings with time in the middle apparently spent on domestic duties.

I am not complaining (much) but I can't imagine that anyone really wants to read about yet another busy day driving, writing emails and cooking dinner before watching the TV for an hour or so before bed.

In other news, I have just ordered some kefir grains so that we can try making some fermented milk drinks. The idea is to replace the good bacteria in our stomachs that have been wiped out by the antibiotics that we are all on at the moment. I'll post about that as and when there is something to show for it.

Maybe I need to find something more philosophical to muse over.


  1. Anonymous6:09 pm

    Dick and M, Tim and Rach thinking of coming to Copenhagen before Xmas, they will conntact you.aj

  2. Anonymous7:36 pm

    Clouds on a plate!