Monday, October 01, 2012

Happy Birthday to me

So far it's been a good day.

T&B came to eat with us yesterday after a cancelled trip to their summer house. We couldn't face the early morning drive back for swimming class and driving over there to cook lunch seemed like a waste of petrol on top of DK being under the weather.

DK developed a good fever yesterday afternoon so he kept us awake during the night (along with J's nightmares and my repetitive cramp) The this morning we took him back to T&B to be looked after and he has just been delivered back to me at home for the afternoon.

I've had some lovely presents, a blender from Mum (which has now been well used), a sweater from J&D a 24kg kettlebell from T&B and a mystery on it's way from MK...

Maybe it'll be a lobster...


  1. Anonymous2:18 pm

    Happy Birthday ! aj

  2. Anonymous11:25 pm

    Did you want a lobster?
    Happy Birthday.