Tuesday, October 16, 2012

School Holiday

It's school holiday this week here so everyone is home from today. Daniel had an appointment with the speech therapist yesterday so he went to nursery and J was with the grandparents meaning that MK could make it to work for a day. She needed a bit of peace and quiet and some hours in the bank before we have our trip to England in December.

We're narrowing in on a car, there is another ex demo that we saw at the weekend that looks OK but it is the same price as a new one because it has every optional extra you can get on it. Might be nice to have the gadgets though. I need to speak to the sleazy salesman again today and find out how long it has been registered and how much wiggle room there is on his price.

It's is pretty much exactly like this one:

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  1. Anonymous1:05 am

    Must be less than a new one, surely.
    Enjoy the holiday week,