Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Where is the week going?

My cold is getting better, but the week is also passing me by at an alarming rate. I didn't even realise that I hadn't blogged today until we just ate.

I need to get back into training this evening and do my workout to make up for the ones I missed with this cold over the last few days.

I have another work health check on the 19th March so I need to find out what the numbers were last time and make sure that I am going to hit the tagetted weight loss that he gave me. I think I had to lose 8kg but I can't find anything in the blog archives. Perhaps I got a mail from them somewhere, I will have to look.

In the meantime, I'll wiegh myself in the morning for the first time in a long time. I wonder what the outcome will be...


  1. Anonymous9:51 pm

    it's only Tuesday,a lot of week left yet, until you mother atrrives at 4.10pm on Friday.
    You could book a Valentines meal...
    I think it was 20kg.

  2. I forgot to weigh myself.
    Is that your final answer on your arrival time? It seems to keep moving...
    I certainly didn't need to lose 20kg I was told to lose 8 I think which would mean that I should be aiming at about 96kg I think. I guess I may need to drop a couple of kg before then...