Monday, November 30, 2009

Winter Weekends

Saturday was the traditional HP family trip to the Jule tide purgatory that is Tivoli at Christmas. The weather was OK, but parking was a nightmare, it took a long time to get a space which turned out to be a private car park that neither we nor the other 30+ cars in there were allowed to use so we all got 510 kr (£55 or $100) tickets. There were millions of people so getting around was rather difficult and keep track of J even harder. Finally when the adults of the family went to see the Danish equivalent of a Christmas Pantomime, we took the kids to Wagamama to eat try and annoy everyone else in there. I think we succeeded.

The day wasn't a total flop, Tivoli was OK, the kids loved the grotto things and I had a great bike ride in the forest in the morning.

Mandy and Troels came over to see us for lunch yesterday and I took it as a good excuse to make a cottage pie that I have been craving since someone else keeps talking about them. That turned out really well, I think as a result of the added thyme and cooking time. I also whipped up a batch of mince pies whilst MK and J make some biscuits as well so there was plenty of fat and sugar to go around.

I realised when I went to bed lat night that the furthest I been from my bed that day was the end of the drive to collect the news paper. Thankfully I am embarking on the Time Crunched Training Plan tonight so that I can try to offload some of the mince pies.

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