Friday, November 27, 2009


The dynamic duo were back at the hospital yesterday for a progress check and they finally managed to get some useful information about DK's operation. He is now scheduled for 13th January which means that we can relax over Christmas and the new year with the exception of the daily bowel flushing. The second piece of news is that MK has been signed off until DK is 2 years old because he shouldn't start in day care until then. That means that MK will not be back at work before July 2010 and will then have 2 years worth of vacation to use up. Lucky her.

Tonight we are going to watch Father Christmas turn on the lights in Ringsted. He is supposed to be arriving by fire engine so we are all really excited about being there.


  1. Anonymous6:36 pm

    Fire Engine ? Rather overdoing the Elf and Safety.

  2. Anonymous9:19 pm

    Much deliberations here about where and how to see Father Christmas. T favours investigating the large grotto which has appeared in the garden centre. I fear it looks like a lot of money for a long queue and a few minutes with Santa. I quite fancy the Thomas the Tank Santa steam day, but B thinks it looks like a lot of money for a long queue and a few minutes with Santa. Hmm. Maybe we will settle for tea with Santa at the garden centre, because last year that was good value, a long chat with Santa and a nice gift. Such deliberations! KP,incidently,ouldn't care less.

  3. Anonymous10:45 pm

    You could fly to Ringsted on Friday - no queueing there!

  4. Anonymous11:03 pm

    But it still would be a lot of money for a few minutes with Santa. At least though if Santa speaks Danish he won't be able to understand when T asks for a Nintendo DS. Perhaps this idea is worth thinking about...!!

  5. Anonymous4:03 pm

    How about flying to the North Pole to see Santa ?
    Could leave Tim speechless, no, nothing could do that .