Monday, November 16, 2009

Not what I had planned

This weekend was not really what I had intended.

On Saturday morning MK headed off for the last time into town to try and encourage some people to vote for her tomorrow in the local elections. DK, J and I went into town a little later in the morning to offer some support and to pick up some shopping on the way home for lunch. By the time I got around to going out on my bike it was getting a little late and when I had a flat tyre after about 5km, I decided to cut the ride short and just do a local loop before heading home to take J for a ride as it was getting dark. We found J's lights and went for our usual trip over the bridge and back and to visit the hens whilst the chicken cooked in the oven.

Sunday ended up being similarly unproductive but rewarding. MK took the boys to handball in the morning whilst I relaxed a bit and made some pancakes for them to eat when they got home. Then J and I went swimming along with every other person within an hours drive of the pool. It was most unpleasantly busy for the first 30 minutes, but then most people went home for lunch and we had some more space. After lunch J and I made some fairy cakes to get in practice for Grandma's visit this week before I made started work on a toad in the hole for tea.

It was nice to do some stuff with the kids, this is going to be a stressful week and I think the bike riding can wait until it is over and we can breath a little more easily.

This morning I dropped the original dynamic duo off at the hospital, apparently they have to talk to a doctor and have some blood tests today but should be home with us tonight...


  1. Anonymous9:54 pm

    Life is seldom what one intends it to be; if it were, we wouldn't be eternally in the s**t.

  2. Anonymous12:15 am

    See you tomorrow.