Wednesday, February 12, 2014

New Rules

I seem to be spending 2 nights a week in hotels at the moment and I am unfortunately a total idiot when left alone in a hotel room with a television.

Last night I was taken out for dinner in Paris with some colleagues. It was a very good meal that took the whole evening (as it should) and we left the restaurant at about 22:30. My Swedish colleague wanted to see some of the sights so we walked quite a long way to see Notre Dame, the Louvre and finally the Eiffel Tower. By 23:30 we had seen what was necessary, but there were no taxis to be found as many are still on strike so we had to take 3 different metro lines to get back to the hotel at around 00:30.

That would be fine, but I then watched TV for a while and therefore didn’t get anywhere near enough sleep for the second night running. The problem is that I do this every single time that I stay in a hotel. I am a hotel idiot.

So from now on I will NOT turn on the TV when I get into bed in a hotel room. I will only allow myself to watch TV early in the evening or in the morning. I will also start bringing a book with me to read whilst travelling and in the hotel instead of watching tv. Should be a win all around as far as I can see.

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  1. Anonymous1:27 pm

    Sounds a good decision for someone who can't find the off button.