Monday, February 24, 2014

Back again

It was really nice driving to the office this morning - little traffic and I am not at THE customer site in the middle of Copenhagen so the drive was also shorter.

It's been another uneventful weekend, I spent Saturday chopping and carrying wood until I couldn't really chop or lift another piece and then recovered on Sunday.

We are all fit and healthy at the moment which is the first time in a while and a nice state of affairs.

Next weekend should hopefully be a little more exciting. There is an open house arrangement at the concert hall in Copenhagen so we can see some orchestras playing and there is a weighing and measuring weekend planned at the sailing club so I can get my boat weighed. Hopefully that will allow me to take some or all of the 9 kg of lead out of the boat and provide a very slight help in my efforts not to be last this year. I may even get a trip on the water out of it.

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  1. Anonymous11:36 pm

    Sounds good.
    I have wood that needs sawing up and whatever else, when you're fit!