Monday, June 17, 2013

Wet Weekend

Another weekend has passed and now J only has 2 more weeks at school before his summer holidays start.
I went sailing on Saturday morning. I wasn't very early out of the house and by the time I reached the sailing club the only other Finn going out was already on the water. I had to re-assemble the boat a bit after the regatta last weekend so it was 10:45 before I was afloat. There was a pretty strong wind blowing (around 10m/s, force 6 or 25 knots) and waves that were at least a metre high. Sailing upwind was hard work and good fun. I was happy that I didn't really have any problems making progress or managing the boat. The downwind was something more akin to a roller-coaster ride with the boat rather unstable side to side and surfing or nose diving over and through the waves. I was amazed that I got home without having an unplanned swim, I was pretty wet from the spray, but no swimming. I only managed 1½ hours on the water, but in the end I was getting tired and decided to quite whilst ahead. I didn't even manage to say hello to the other Finn sailor as our paths didn't manage to converge before he went back to the harbour. I really enjoyed being out in the wind and the sunshine and was very glad I took the chance to go out.

It may have looked a bit like this (at least in my minds eye)
I made another big batch of sausages on Saturday afternoon. Last time I chopped the fat by hand, this time I used the food processor, neither is really right so I think I'll have to get a mincer. The batch that we sampled in the evening were really good though.

Sunday was all about J and rain. There was the annual outdoor inter-school football competition that his class won last year. Despite having only 7 boys in the class, they won again this year which is pretty impressive. Yet again it was won on penalties, but there was no injustice in them winning at all. The only real downside was that it rained quite a lot so I had to go home in the middle to get dry clothes for me and more clothes for everyone else.

Straight after the football, we had to drive to Sorø for the outdoor gymnastics display that is traditionally held on the wettest weekend of the year. We sat in a bit more rain (and a few moments of sunshine) whilst J did some somersaults and a various variety of gymnastic things. The group that he will be in next year looked impressive so he'll have to stay in training.


  1. Anonymous8:48 pm

    I have just realised that the boat is a Finn, not the sailor.
    Looked really good stuff, despite the rain for J.
    I think that sailing is scary.

  2. Sailing is scary, that's why it's fun. As a general rule, the worst that can happen is that you get wet and maybe cold. There were plenty of boats about and they don't just sink.