Monday, June 24, 2013


Shortly after I stopped running regularly I started to have problems with my feet. The doctor usefully looked at my feet and reassured me that I was going to have problems with them in the future.

I apparently have hammer toe - as a result of wearing shoes that are too small. I take full responsibility for this, it's not my mums fault! I also appear to not walk on the ball of my foot behind my big toes.

I ditched all of my shoes that were a little on the small side and made a concerted effort togo barefoot at home and wear birkenstocks when out in the summer.
The feet problems have gone away, but I always have a few problems getting back into my "normal" shoes at the end of the summer holidays and my feet feel cramped until they get used to the shoes again.

The next step has been to search for some shoes that would keep my feet happy whilst being acceptable at work. I found a pair of Teva shoes at the outlets a year or two ago that have been OK, but are not really smart. Then after some research, I have finally ordered a pair of vivobarefoot shoes that should be OK at work and look after my feet too. I'll review them when I get them.

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  1. Anonymous7:27 pm

    Look foot shaped to me, a good start.
    You should have kept wearing Startrite.