Thursday, June 27, 2013


I was a little late home from work last night so I missed the excitement of watching J ride his bike into the back of a parked car.  He's been told hundreds of times to look where he is going, but apparently the only way to learn that particular lesson is by riding into things repeatedly.

He'll either figure it out or Darwinism will take over the decision for him.

Yesterday it was a rather large Citroen C5 estate parked about 50m from our house that he went straight into the back of. There is a noticeable scratch and a small dent so we are expecting either an insurance claim or to pay for the repair at some point.

Most annoyingly of all, I bet he would do it again today under the same circumstances.


  1. Make him pay, out of his holiday money.
    I say such things easily, but doubt I could do it.
    Is he all right?

  2. We are still waiting to hear from the car owner. He doesn't have holiday money as such, but he may have to make a contribution from his pocket money if we get a big bill.