Thursday, July 30, 2009


Yesterday got a bit worse for DK after I wrote my post because he had to have 2 vaccinations whilst he was at the doctors and that meant that he had a fever all night and was generally not too well. After plenty of panadol he slept most of the night and seemed to be in reasonable form again this morning. He will be going to the ear doctors again next week and I expect that he will have to have new drains put in pretty soon as we can see that his hearing has deteriorated again since the others fell out. I think it is like having water in your ears from swimming but it doesn't go away. Hopefully we will be able to look back in a year or so when he is walking and talking and this will all seem like ancient history. I really hope so.
I haven't mentioned my weight for a little while, but that doesn't mean that the diet is over. This morning I was 98.6kg and that was without the benefit of having exercised last night, I am still aiming for 95kg by my birthday and 90 by Christmas. It is actually harder to manage a gradual weight loss than the semi-crash diet approach I used in May and June because I seem to be something of an all or nothing guy with my rules. I am still avoiding sugar as much as I can (this is much easier since Dad left) and I am eating as much salad as I can manage along with limited starchy stuff. My favourite rule is don't eat anything white which works really well with sugar, cream, butter, ice cream, mayonnaise, white bread, pasta, rice etc but still couldn't get me out of eating MKs cauliflower surprise last night.

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  1. What was surprising about MK's cauliflower?