Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Skins travel and recovery tights

Before we went to France I mentioned that I had bought some travel tights for the journey to France in an effort to stop my legs swelling before our first race.

I wore the tights for the 18 or so hours that we spent driving down through Germany, after each of the long races and on the way home again and was amazed at how well they worked.

Each time we stopped on the drive down I was surprised that when I got out of the car, my legs were not stiff or tired. I was also able to drive right through the night without any real difficulty in staying awake although part of that was attributable to the audio books that I had on my ipod. After the races, I squeezed myself into them and slept in them and was impressed that my legs didn't hurt too much the following morning.

The recovery aspect is a bit hard to evaluate because I don't know how I would expect to feel without the tights, but I am certain that they had a big effect during the journey and I am certainly going to use them again on long journeys especially long haul flights.

My next step will be to get some compression socks to wear after cycling on normal days because getting into the tights is a bit of a pain, but for long journeys, I will not hesitate to use them.


  1. Anonymous11:15 pm

    I think that you should also try PVC perv pants!


  2. Anonymous11:26 pm

    Full length flight socks!
    Ben looks the dog's b....... in his PVC pants, I'm ot sure tey're really you, though.
    I'm doing this on G's tiny weany paslm top, wearing my specs!

  3. Anonymous11:37 pm

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  4. Anonymous11:38 pm

    I look pretty good in lycra and all enveloping neoprene! g

  5. Anonymous11:40 pm

    Do your feet really look that small in recovery tights?