Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Yesterday we had a trip to Orø to for a trip on the ferry and a fishy picnic by the sea. We were very lucky with the weather and had a really nice time including some kite flying and ice cream eating. I will post some pictures from the camera when I have a chance.
The weekend was also very nice messing around at home, visiting T&B and going to the pool. I didn't manage to get out on my bike which may prove to be a problem in a couple of weeks because I have finally taken the plunge and joined the local cycling club and applied for a racing licence. We are in the second half of the season, but having done my 45km loop with an average of 34kph on Thursday I think I can hang with the Category Ds (well I hope I can) and get a bit of a workout with a view to tackling a season a little more thoroughly next year.
My weight is hanging around 99kg at the moment which is fine, but I need to get back on the bike if I want to get down to the 90kg that I am aiming for by Christmas (it was by my birthday, but I think that is a bit crazy so it is 95kg by 01/10).

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  1. Anonymous7:17 pm

    Looks nice.
    We still have monsoon here.
    What about W snr?
    The internet/wireless is down.
    I'm perched up a corner in the study, having a tea break from painting.