Monday, August 05, 2013

Holiday Part 4

After a week in Provence we were getting into a rhythm with finding places to see, eat and what we could cook on two camping stoves. We'd figured out how to share a tent pitch with an ant colony (careful food segregation between dry stuff that they don't like and a newly purchased electric cool box) and when was the best time to go to the pool to avoid getting too much sun. J had recovered from a tummy big but MK had really had enough of the leaky Carrefoure nappies that seemed to be leaking every night.
We'd had our week in Carpentras so we headed back to the Alps having briefly considered going home. I'd researched a couple of camp sites near Chamonix so we headed for one of those and it turned out to be fantastic. We had another 4 nights there with some walks in the hills and forest by a big river, a couple of trips to the open air pool and some more milling around and relaxing.
Finally our time was up and we headed back north with a couple of lessons learned. Check out the camp sites before you leave and don't buy own brand nappies being chief amongst them.

Hiking new Chamonix
Mer de Glace camp site near Chamonix
Kids in the stocks in Beaux de Provence
Camp site #1 - Les Domes de Miage
Cafe in Carpentras with a good game to play

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  1. Anonymous9:38 pm

    Looks good.
    Photo 2 looks as if it was taken through a small hole into your living quarters.