Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Now that I am working on a project in the centre of Copenhagen again I have been presented with the usual challenge of finding the best method of getting from home to the customers office each day.

The first week was ok as it was still holiday season, but over the last few days the traffic has worsened every day so that I now spend about an hour and a half travelling way either by car or on the train. My conscience tells me the use the train and I enjoy the time on the train a little more than the driving time BUT it costs double to use the train and it is consistently 1,5 hours each way whereas the car is worst case 1,5 hours but is often faster at least in the morning. I guess I'll stick to the car at least for now.

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  1. Anonymous11:52 pm

    Go with the car - don't you need it to travel to clients anyway?
    The train runs anyway.