Monday, August 12, 2013

Hedges and Lunchboxes

I need to get better at taking before and after pictures for this blogging malarkey.

I did a pretty tough Crossfit session on Saturday morning before embarking on the biggest workout of the day that was cutting the hedge. MK and I worked hard all day (with a little help from our little helpers) and managed to get it done and the trailer returned to the garage by the deadline of 16:30. We were completely bushed by the end of it but managed to roast a chicken for dinner which is always a hit with the kids.

One of the absent neighbours mirabelle trees was hanging over our hedge so we chopped the branches back and collected a box of mirabelle plumbs that I made into Jam on Sunday afternoon. I'm looking forward to finding out if it's any good or not.

The other great event of the weekend was ordering new lunch boxes for the me and the kids - I now take lunch as there there is no canteen at my new job when I am not at customers. We get through a lot of cheap lunch boxes that get broken or won't close after going through the dishwasher a few times. We saw some very fancy looking ones in a shop in France whilst on holiday and after a bit of research, decided to buy some online. They are called MonBento and are made of silicone coated plastic with two airtight layers, a lid and fancy colours to chose from.

DK, J spent a very very long time deciding which colours they should have whilst MK and I agonised over the extortionate prices.

Here is my design. J went for a red and blue scheme whilst DK opted for red and white. Product reviews to follow.

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