Monday, July 29, 2013

Holiday part 1

Before we had driven 15 minutes J had thrown up and it was becoming apparent that the new GPS wasn't going to work. Thankfully my technologically sceptical wife had a map book with her so we continued our dash to the ferry and headed south in search of sunshine.

There had been talk of stopping overnight, but without having book anything, that entails stopping at about 7 to look for food and accommodation. I didn't think we had made much progress so we stopped for a very German dinner and then I drove down the Mont Blanc valley where we slept for an hour or so in the car before places started to open that served coffee and croissants.

We stocked up at the supermarket and the big camping shop on some essentials such as food, sleeping bags and coats and then went to the camp site to put up the tent. All went ridiculously easily as we drove straight there and pitched in a "shaded" spot, happy to be out of the now rather hot sun.

Then came the clouds as a prelude to the rain and thunderstorms of the evening. The tent was fine and only really damp inside from condensation, but we woke up cold and the shade over our pitch meant that we barely warmed up and dried out before the next afternoons clouds and rain came in.

The second evening we had to cook inside the tent which was somewhat hazardous and smelly so I suggested that we should remain true to our plan and head south until it got warm. So after 2 nights in the lovely Domes de Miage campsite we packed out bags and headed South.

(Photographs later when I have the camera back)