Thursday, July 04, 2013

Birthday Preparation

DK is 5 tomorrow. That is 24 hours away or as he would like to point out, it is 18 hours. He has been asking how long it is until his birthday more or less non stop for about 2 weeks now and it is getting really rather boring.

We are having the boys from his group at nursery home for the afternoon along with the Danish grandparents (who are also allowed to stay for dinner and help clear up the mess)

There are some pretty standard requirements for a birthday party - namely a cake, in this case a football pitch with players because that is what J had, birthday bread rolls which are really iced buns without icing and a treasure hunt.

We are going with a pirate theme so J and Mormor have been making pirate hats and eye patches for the last couple of days.

We've bought him a garage for his matchbox cars and the rest will be a surprise, but there is talk of fishing rods.

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