Thursday, February 07, 2013

When life goes up

The blogging tends to go down.

I have been really busy at work recently and home life has been filled with the usual cooking, washing, putting kids to bed stuff with little more than painting to fill the spare minutes. It's fun to be busy, but it does tend to lead to rather dull blog posts describing painting and driving too and from work.

Yesterday I spent 5 hours driving to the middle of Sweden and back to present to a potential customer. You always do your best at these things, but on the way home through the dark, snow and busy traffic, I couldn't help but wonder if I really wanted to make that trip every week for 18 months to run a project there.

In the end, the decision will not be mine, but none the less, it was a long dull journey.

Tomorrow, I am working from home for the first time in months and will take advantage of the opportunity to get all of my hair cut off.

I promise to post before and after pictures.

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