Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cozi Calendar

We have been testing out Cozi as our family organiser since the start of the year (we use something else for family planning!) and I thought I'd do a little review.

The application can be used directly on the internet at or via an app on the ipad/iphone and MK's Android phone. The calendar, shopping list and to do list is kept up to date each time any of us make any changes so that we can see if anyone has done the shopping or made plans on our behalf.

It seems to work really well, MK has made friends with her smartphone and we have avoided both doing the shopping on the way home from work more than once.

I particularly like the shopping list that you tick off the items when you get them and then un-tick them when you need to get some more.

We just upgraded to the gold version (which you pay for rather than the free one described above) so that we get a better monthly view on the mobile apps, no adverts and a birthday calendar function as well.


  1. Anonymous8:58 pm

    Have tried Cozi between the three of us grown ups in our household for a week and also think it works well. Some minor lay-out problems on Android. And would be great with a standard shopping list that you could generate new list from...Actually I spent some time finding such a "got-it-all" shopping add which works for both iOS and Android with Cozi being the best I could find/test. Let us know if the Gold version is worth it :-)

  2. Anonymous8:59 pm

    App - not add!

  3. The calendar was a bit crummy on iOS but the gold version is much better and the lack of adverts is nice. It costs $30 for a year which I think is a lot for very little compared with the free version and it's not difficult to add birthdays to the standard calendar without the birthday functionality.
    I think we'll pay for it though.
    I think you can use standard shopping lists and create different lists if you always buy different things in different stores (there is a default wholesale list for example)

  4. Anonymous8:43 am

    Sounds absolute Hell.
    All you need is a husband who never food/useful household things shops, a calendar & the odd row.
    You just didn't try!

  5. Anonymous8:47 am

    caveman diet - just eat the beef out of thhe freezer. nO NEED TO SHOP, no need for 'appy phone.