Friday, February 22, 2013

Plumbing the depths...

Of the freezer.

We are considering buying a 1/4 cow in the coming week or two but that will take up a LOT of space in the freezer so we need to make some space.

We have already eaten some odds and ends this week including the liver from the whole lamb we bought and tonight will be a luxurious mixed grill including a 2 T-bone steaks and a rack of lamb. We then need to figure out how and when we will cook the beef rib bones, the smoked big fat and other odds and ends that are kicking around in there.

How much space does 65-75kg of beef take anyway?

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  1. Anonymous8:39 am

    It sounds & looks (if this is your freezer) that the last thing you need is a fraction of a cow.
    I think that 1/4 cow will take up a fair bit of space, even minus the bones & grisly bits.
    The picture of the family sitting down to tuck into a lamb's liver is a little gruesome,to say the least - blood dribbling down the chins.
    How about buying a little, second (hand) freezer just for non-meat?