Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Feet on the ground

It's been a pretty busy week or so (I don't remember the last time that wasn't the case).

It has been fun to have G&J visiting and great to have back up on the fetching/delivering and entertaining of the kids. The weekend in the summer house was as good as ever and It was fun to get out sailing yet again.

If I ever want to race that boat though, I will have to do quite a lot of work to firstly figure out how all of the controls are supposed to be connected and also be a bit more certain of her seaworthiness.

We've eaten and drunk well with our guests in an effort to introduce them both to our "primal" way  of eating. It appears that G has taken it to heart a little more enthusiasm than J, but it's up to them to decide if they want to carry on when they get home.

I yet again failed to get out the door on my bike this morning after my alarm clock radio came on silently. It's a shame as it was a beautiful morning and it is now raining. On the positive side, we had plenty of time to get out of the door and queue all the way to CPH.

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