Thursday, September 20, 2012

Car problems

Our Mazda is more or less the same age as J but unfortunately it seems to be ageing less well than he is. It has always used a bit of oil and shortly before the summer, I think the oil level got low enough that it has damaged itself from low oil pressure (I'm working on training Mrs M to inform me of awful noises coming from the car when she drives it, but I think she just turns up the radio)

Yesterday afternoon I took it to our mechanic for a quick look, hoping he would say that there was a problem with a valve, but it seems to be something deeper and more dangerous than that. We have booked it in for a couple of hours investigation next week, but after some research, I am fearing the worst and we are planning a quick car change before the engine gives up entirely and we are left with a worthless wreck or a big bill.

We were planning on changing it in a couple of years, but now I think we may just change it this weekend...


  1. Anonymous11:03 am

    God moves ...not in a mazda!
    Hope it's not too bad.

  2. Anonymous8:16 pm

    aygo, aygo, aygo, aygo to the music