Monday, October 05, 2009

False alarm

Despite writing a few posts ago that I would try to avoid just keeping an online journal, that is more or less what I am doing at the moment.
I has a moderately sleepless night in the hospital on Friday and was very happy to see MK and J when they arrived with cake for breakfast on Saturday. We dossed around for a while, well I did, DK slept and J terrorised the entire ward on a plastic mini cooper at 100mph.
We came home in the afternoon and had a good night sleep but yesterday DK was rather under the weather. By the evening his temperature was rather high and it seemed that the panadol was not bringing it back down so after speaking to the nurse in the hospital, we packed up and headed to CPH at 7 o'clock. As soon as we got in the car DK stopped the whining that he had been doing for the previous 5 hours (not an exaggeration) and by the time we got to the hospital, he was fine.
After a quick examination we went home again.

Better safe than sorry, but it was rather a waste of time and petrol to be honest.

Hopefully we will get some news about his guts today and tomorrow we are meeting with his pediatrician tomorrow to see what's what. If we are lucky, that could be the last of the operations... Fingers crossed.

I suppose a photograph would be kiddy porn, but DKs nuts look terribly sore, they are blue and swollen and look really sore, he is not at all happy about having the plaster changed on his stitches and generally prefers to be lying down than sitting at the moment.

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