Thursday, October 01, 2009

Another year

I guess I am about half way there today. It has been a busy day so far compared with yesterday which was spent waiting for something to happen. There were 3 men working on taking windows out of our house before I left for work this morning and we were all up and ready to go out a lot earlier than normal (something to do with the aforementioned men I think). J was busy telling the guys about his things and asking them what they were doing.

I had lots of generous gifts for my birthday this year. Thanks to everyone for them. I will post some pictures later.


  1. Anonymous12:49 pm

    Halfway to threescore years and ten at least. Still at least you still have some hair to cut 'edgy' or otherwise!

  2. Anonymous8:19 pm

    Happy Birthday William - sorry our card is late. I've had a blond day/week! Posted your thank you card (for J's present) in the normal post - so that probably won't arrive and forgot to send b'day card in time - doh!!
    Hope you've had a fantastic day - welcome to the mid-thirties!!

  3. Anonymous11:13 pm

    Well as usual we have a triumphant gift for you, and as usual you will get it fashionably late..

    Happy Birthday


  4. Anonymous12:24 pm

    Happy Birthday.
    Our internet has been down, holidaying in the South or something.
    Love, M