Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Accepting Autumn

Autumn is certainly with us now so it is time to accept it, embrace it and enjoy it.

I would normally be trying to get out on my mountain bike at this time of year to enjoy the dry trails and the great colours in the woods, but the lack of a working back wheel means that I can't actually ride it at the moment.

The sun has been shining and despite the ferocious wind, it is a beautiful time to be out and about. The kids are fascinated by a bunch of bulldozers and diggers that are doing something in the park at the end of the road and we are now getting ready for the cold dark winter.

My priorities for cycling have changed from getting faster to making sure that I can still fit into the small trousers that I bought with such smugness only a few weeks ago. So far so good, but I am struggling to make progress towards my Christmas target of 90kg. I guess I will have to make a determined effort at some point to achieve that, but I am struggling with motivation and at the same time we both feel like we deserve a treat in the evening because of the trauma of DKs problems.

DK is doing much better the last couple of days although he has spent a couple of hours crying in the middle of the night for the last 2 nights. Hopefully he will get over that tonight...

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