Thursday, September 20, 2007

Want that one!

It's rather unusual to see one of these in Denmark so MK took our picture next to this glorious DB5. Even given that they are probably disappointing to drive, I must say that this is in my opinion the most beautiful car ever built.

This, on the other hand, isn't!

Back to planning my mini-break in the Rockies. Apparently there is a telemark equipment demo day in Winter Park on the 25th November...


  1. Anonymous1:06 pm

    Looks good to me.
    Remember the days before you had this tank?
    So saying, I took R92BAW to the garage for an MOT this am.
    I'm glad that I have a new car.
    I,m at school again, free lesson.

  2. Anonymous8:51 pm

    This is written for a world readership and most of us don't know what you are talking about "m"

  3. Anonymous9:02 pm

    I am writing for a cosmic readership!
    The DB looks good, though I won't be having one this year as I have just changed my car.
    The second picture is of W&Ks "tank"
    R92BAW is my old car, which has been sold.
    I took it for a Ministry Of Transport test today to help the purchaser. This makes it roadworthy for the next 12 months.
    I was in school, teaching, all day.
    I had a "free" lesson for an hour.
    If you want a real challenge, read my blog....Gill

  4. Anonymous10:16 pm

    Is that man just starting to fall over in the snow?

    I saw a broken down Aston Martin tonight on the A34- the ugly square one from the 80's- a Vantage?

  5. Most of the models came in a vantage version. The square one was called the Lagonda. (did you know gondolas are bent?)
    Apparently there was a guy in Germany who had one and did 200mph on his way to work every morning on the autobahn