Wednesday, September 05, 2007


We have been suffering in the cold for a week or so now and this morning was the final straw. The heating is now switched on and I suspect it will stay on until April now. So that is the end of the summer that never was in Denmark. I suppose we should just get on with looking forward to Christmas and hoping to survive until next spring...

Tonight we are back into baby swimming at the new swimming pool which should be fun. I think MK can do the honors in the water (I mean take J in!) and I'll take some photos.


  1. Anonymous6:13 pm

    I love the weather we have here even tho we do have the high, high heat at times, but it would be hard for me to adjust in DN after living in CA. I think.

    Just read an article in the Sun paper the other day on how Denmark rates as one of the most desirable places to live. It said of all the people queried from all over the globe, DN citizens were some of the most happy in the areas of freedom to do what they choose, safety from violence, a number of things. That was a surprise, even the US rated like 17th or something.


  2. Anonymous8:56 am

    Are you on blog strike?
    I thought that I commented here to tell you what lovely weather we were having - always the way when the schools go back.
    Plan to put on shorts & garden today(as I don't have anyone to play tennis with).
    The new pool looks very nice. I hope that K didn't show herself up.

  3. Blog strike? This was posted yesterday afternoon!!!!!!!!
    Glad your weather is good, it is still cold here

  4. Denmark always rates near the top of happiness indices, apparently everyone was very happy when they won the European championships (Football/soccer) 15 years ago and forgot to go back to being miserable. There are good things, it is safe, the state looks after you and public transport works quite well. Employers are flexible about working families as most mothers also work. On the other hand, tax is amazingly high, the weather is crap and it is dark half of the year, cars are prohibitively expensive (cheapest car you can buy is $20k) the landscape is boring, food is crap and expensive and people are unfriendly beyond superficial platitudes (apart from families). On the whole I give it 5,5 out of 10.