Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Pepper Pots

In Denmark, if a guy still lives at home when reaches his 30th birthday he becomes a pepper pot. To celebrate this, the friends of these people put big models of pepper pots outside their houses. In the countryside, this game can get a little out of hand.
Oil drums are pretty common and I have seen a car with a caravan attached, but no wheels, the challenge being that the recipient has to dispose of it somehow.

Before this one, the biggest I had seen was 2 cars piled on top of a transit van, but this trumps the lot.

This is farm grain silo with a MkI golf convertible on top!


  1. Karen9:39 pm

    Yes, it is really spectacular, since it is in our neighbourhood, I can add to the story that it has been there for several months now - and will probably also stay for a while!
    And then, just to get the Danish traditions right, it is when a guy is not married by the time he's thirty, he is a pepper pot (so luckily we won't get one of these in our front garden!). And if not married at 25, you get cinnamon throwed at you, put in your bed or fridge or other nice places...

  2. Anonymous10:41 pm

    I think that I saw this one, or perhaps it was less spectacular.
    Too busy to blog today? I've had a good day, looking at Bonham's saleroom & gardening. I went for a run early on & bought duvets on the Internet, not at the same time!
    James Bond is on the TV - he's saving the world, that one.