Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Mastery and learning

So I have so far found out that it takes 5-10 years with 10 000 hours of concentrated effort to become a master of something, but as little as 20 hours to learn to just do something.

Learning to do something involves 5 steps:

  1. Chose what you want to learn to do and set a performance target
  2. Deconstruct the skill into specific skills 
  3. Research it
  4. Remove the barriers to practicing
  5. Pre commit to at least 20 hours of specific and targeted practice

It's apparently as simple as that. My challenge will probably be the time on the water, but I'll try to work on that when the spring comes.

So where am I in this process?

  1. I know where I want to be and how high I am aiming
  2. I've broken this down into the following points
    1. Physical fitness and strength
    2. Racing skills
    3. Starting
    4. Upwind
    5. Downwind
    6. Boat setup and trim
  3. I am already reading as much as I can on the subject
  4. I can't really do much more here, my boat is by the water and ready to go, I just need time and appropriate weather
  5. I need to make sure that I get out whenever I can and stay out on the water and work on specific skills to make sure that I am getting better each time I sail.

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