Monday, September 09, 2013

Weekend at home

I suspect that we have just had our final weekend of the summer. I had a great sail on Saturday morning with plenty of wind and big waves whilst the boys had their first swimming lessons of the season. After a quick lunch, we packed the car and headed for the summer house to catch the last of the sun on the beach, pick some blackberries for pudding and eat another leg off BHP's birthday goat!

We all slept well (at least I did so it seemed that everyone else must have done so too) and enjoyed pancakes for breakfast on Sunday before a short walk to on the beach. J had a bit of a swim whilst the rest of us decided that the season for intentional sea bathing was over for the year and we headed home to prepare ourselves for the week to come.

I have finally taken the photos from the camera:

Sitting on the worlds biggest picnic table at Simon Small's house
DK and J with Ronje the Robbers Daughter
Pippi outside her house
J looking thoughtfully into the distance from Pippi's balcony

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