Monday, April 02, 2007

Happy Birthday George

As it says, Happy Birthday!

I have had some stupid ideas in my time, but the notion of riding the Tour of Flanders this year is turning out to be one of the most stupid. Firstly I didn't realise that it was Easter weekend when we are supposed to be on our way to England, secondly it is a very long way to Belgium (my geography let me down there or someone shoved Denmark across a bit) thirdly it is ridiculously long.

So as a result we are missing a couple of days of the big family holiday in Wales and spending them in the car as well as a fortune on Petrol and hotels. The next issue is that whilst I am not totally out of shape, I am in no way ready to ride the 270km (150 miles) of hills and cobbles, yesterday I rode 100km and I certainly didn't feel like riding another 170km.
To add insult to injury, it now seems that we have booked the ferry for the wrong day so maybe I won't even be able to start, let alone not be able to finish...

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  1. Anonymous10:57 pm

    My heart bleeds for you.
    I'm sure that you will cope admirably.
    Do you have padded underpants?
    G looks very good in his & sometimes wears them on his bike!
    Take a cushion for the car seat afterwards.
    Love. m