Tuesday, March 01, 2016


Just for the record, we have not bought a dog yet, but it looks as though we probably will do. We have, after all, told the kids that we will so it will be very tough to back out of the decision now.
The Viszla's were very cute, as all dogs are when they are little puppies. We were more interested in meeting their owners and mother to get an idea of how big they are in person and how much work and training they need.
All in all, it looks quite positive.

Luckily the puppies were not cute and the kids didn't like them at all.


  1. I thought that they would be interacting with them, not taking photos.
    Perhaps you should have two so that they can keep each other company.

  2. I detect sarcasm. They had been interacting for a long time, they wanted some pictures to show MM and MF