Thursday, April 10, 2014


I suppose that only an idiot comes to Norway without a coat in April and that makes me an idiot.

I was up at 04:20 having slept badly knowing that I had to be up so early.

Now I can look forward to meetings until 21:00 tonight before finally getting some sleep. Hopefully I'll find something worth eating in the vicinity of the office and hotel which is in the Nydalen area of Oslo.  I appear to be the only person left in the office now that everyone has gone home.


  1. Something like what happened to me when I went to Amsterdam. Finally I bought a jacket there :-)

  2. Anonymous11:10 pm

    Was it fishskin?
    We had the best meal ever in Norway - fish.

  3. Anonymous10:26 pm

    Could you make a to my blog from your new one - my hits are greatly reduced, those from DK, halved.
    Do you also see the ad above this box - would excite G!