Tuesday, March 25, 2014

French Food

What on earth has happened to food in France?

Last night we ate in a small restaurant close to the (crappy Ibis) hotel and it wasn't up to much at all. A very dull goats cheese salad and a really crap, tough and fatty steak. Not impressed.

There is also a quite reasonable canteen in the building that we are in, but the food is at best OK, and today was on a par with the restaurant we ate in last night. There also seems to be a new rule of chips with everything.

I seem to remember that it used to be difficult to find a bad restaurant in Paris, perhaps I'm unlucky, but it seems that there are plenty to chose from now.

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  1. Anonymous7:07 am

    We found a very good "Indian"in Bicester.
    I would blame it on Holland.